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Old English Stamped Concrete Sidewalk in Rocky Mount NC

This is an implementation of stamped concrete being used to define the sidewalk. We used our colored concrete and our Old English stamp for this one. The 4 ft strip close to the street and the sidewalk are done with colored concrete and the Old English stamp to create the desired walkways. The remainder of the driveway is regular concrete. We can help you design your driveway and outdoor living spaces to enhance the appearance of your home.

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We proudly serve Eastern NC including, Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Greenville, Wilmington, and more.


How to Select a Great Paver Contractor

By William Grander

Installing concrete pavers, either as a driveway, patio, or walkway, is a great way to beautify and increase the value of your home. Many homeowners may find, however, that installing them is no easy feat. In fact, many years of experience are required in order to properly do the job – and a proper installation will ensure your project’s durability for years to come. Here are some questions to ask your prospective contractor to find the most skilled and reliable one you can.

First: Experience matters, and in particular experience with your specific job request. Ask your contractor how many years of paver installation experience they have. Ask them if they have ever done a project like yours before. Many problems and special circumstances could arise during the installation of your project, so you want to make sure your contractor can handle any contingency.

Second: Obtain references from other customers. In particular, unsolicited references are the best, as it is doubtful that the contractor will give you references that will damage his or her reputation. Searching for online reviews, if possible, is a good way to obtain candid reviews.

Third: Ensure that your contractor has the requisite licensing and insurance to complete the work legally and safely. Some contractors use illegal immigrant labor. This is illegal and should be a concern to you. Clearly communicate that you want all workers to be legal and have the proper paperwork.

Fourth: Is your prospective contractor part of any professional paver organization? Membership with these organizations brings benefits to the contractor of potential leads in exchange for constant education in the newest paver techniques and technologies.

Finally: How will the contractor do the work? How long will it take? What are the payment terms? And does he or she offer any warranties? Make sure you get all of this out in writing beforehand (such as when the estimate is completed) in case of potential disagreements in the future.

For more information on this and other topics, see this website on concrete pavers. Other information on finding a paver contractor can be found on this site as well.

Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=William_Grander



Concrete Sidewalks, Pool Decks, and Patios in NC.

By: Harry Lee’s Landscaping

If you are considering a new sidewalk, pool deck, or patio please allow us to demonstrate how our decorative concrete can make a world of difference.  Whether you choose stamped, stained, or colored concrete you will be very pleased with the finished result.

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You have a wide variety of styles and colors to choose from. Click here to see color choices. We can help you with updating your existing areas as well as any new additions you would like to add.

We proudly serve Eastern NC including, Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Chapel Hill, Rocky Mount, Wilson, Greenville, Wilmington, and more.


Patios and Driveways in the Triangle!

Harry Lee’s Landscaping and Concrete offers many styles of decorative concrete for customers in the Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham NC area.  We are conveniently  located approximately an hour away in Nashville, North Carolina.  We would appreciate the opportunity to discuss any of your Patio, driveway, pool deck, walkway, lawn, or any other landscaping or concrete services you may need.

Please visit our  “Gallery” page to view some examples of our work.   We have many years of experience and all of our employees have been trained to properly do their job.  We add articles to our site each week so we hope you will visit often.  The articles will provide you with information about our traditional products and keep you updated on the new products in our industry.

We look forward to meeting you.  Thank you for visiting our site.

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