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Using Decorative Concrete Flatwork for a New Driveway

By Owen Walcher

This is prime time for home improvements and many people look to add beauty and value to their home through new landscaping. Obviously, plants and flowers are included in this, but a lot of people forget the value of beautiful stone and concrete work. Using decorative concrete flatwork for a new driveway will give a homeowner a unique and gorgeous addition that will add value and appeal to the property.

A driveway made from decorative concrete sets a home apart from all the others on the street. Virtually any design can be laid into the new driveway or even a resurfaced drive or walkway. Rather than a dull gray slab just laying there in front of the garage, a home can be distinct from the rest with a beautifully colored and patterned driveway or pathway enhancing the beautiful landscape and adding curb appeal.

Decorative concrete flatwork can be done virtually anywhere regular concrete can be installed. A simple sidewalk out by the street and the gray pathway up to your door can overnight appear to be finely cut exotic stone. It is common in many finer homes to have backyard pools and decks. A well-designed system of decorative concrete flatwork around the pool and deck area will truly set a home apart, even among the best neighborhoods.

In the average, middle-class neighborhoods, driveways and sidewalks made from stamped or stenciled concrete which is then stained or dyed will distinguish a home from many of the cookie-cutter development houses – without taking space from the yard like most landscaping projects require.

Often decorative concrete work can be done as part of driveway repair or a sidewalk rebuild. The effects of cold and moisture – as well as rock salt or chemical melting agents – can leave any exterior concrete surface pitted and chipped. Often, concrete overlayment is all that is required to sufficiently repair the surface and some decorative flatwork or coloring can generally be added to the job for a reasonable charge.

One of the tough things about home improvement is the level of intrusion the process places on a homeowner. Remodeling a room or two, or even adding a few windows entails lots of equipment and things like sawdust and demolition debris. Using decorative concrete flatwork for a new driveway can be done in less than a day and has a more immediate impact than that of messier, larger projects.

Owen Walcher lives in Glenwood Springs Colorado and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. He writes about many topics including home and garden, vacation travel, security, professional services and other topics of interest.

Owen recently used Aspen Colorado Concrete Company Avalanche Concrete to replace his old blacktop with a stamped concrete driveway.

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