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Concrete Services

By Lindsay Mineo

If you think about concrete, you might believe that it’s pretty boring and only really useful for driveways or other like purposes. However, concrete definitely offers a great number of advantages to a homeowner when talking about home improvement projects. Concrete allows an impressive range of colors and designs that make it perfect for various areas in and around the home. If you’re interested in discovering how you can utilize concrete in your home, an experienced concrete company will be happy to assist you.

While you may be accustomed to thinking of concrete as fairly boring, advancement in the industry has permitted the development of a wide array of concrete designs and shades. In the style department, concrete can be stamped, stenciled, engraved or even manufactured as pavers. Stamped concrete entails stamping a pattern into newly-poured concrete, allowing the concrete to mimic the look of paving stones, bricks or other materials. Stenciled concrete uses a stencil which is used on new or old concrete in conjunction with a staining compound, giving the concrete the appearance of brick or paving stones with mortared joints. Engraved concrete carves designs right into the concrete and combines them with staining, enabling the concrete to have carved into it or mimic other materials like stone. Concrete pavers are an excellent alternative to traditional brick pavers as they are a lot more sturdy, but still offering the same range of shapes and hues. Concrete is also easily stained and dyed, allowing for an incredible selection of colors from simple earth tones to vibrant pastel colors that will penetrate the concrete itself, doing away with problems with peeling or chipping away.

Concrete is also an excellent substitute for asphalt when you get around to installing a new driveway at your home. Although it can cost you a bit more in advance, the advantages of a concrete driveway are manifold. It is extremely strong when stacked against asphalt, will not get quite as hot in the warmer months and can be anticipated to hold up much longer than a comparable asphalt driveway. Of course, a concrete driveway may also incorporate the numerous stylistic options available for concrete so you can install a concrete driveway comprised of concrete pavers that look like bricks, for instance. For environmentally-conscious homeowners, concrete is also a very green option for driveway installation as it is not manufactured with any petroleum byproducts like asphalt, often utilizes recycled materials like industrial byproducts in its production and may even be recycled itself when the time rolls around to get a new concrete driveway.

Along with driveways, concrete offers an incredible range of different purposes in your home. Patios are of course a quite common use for concrete and you may take advantage of the customization options concrete allows as well to create a beautiful and usable patio which will hold up for a long time. Nonetheless, what you may not know is that concrete can also be easily adapted for many indoor uses as well as outdoor uses. Concrete countertops are a fairly new innovation that can be a quite lovely and durable substitute for granite, marble or other materials. Additional surprising but great applications for concrete in your house are indoor and outdoor fireplaces and even sinks, as it is highly resistant to fire and retains heat very well, plus concrete may be sealed to give it superior resistance to water. Concrete flooring can also be a viable choice for any room in your home such as the bathroom or kitchen where you need a solid slip-resistant surface. Of course, any concrete you use in your home can be colored or designed to your liking, allowing it to easily blend in with your current home decor.

It’s clear that concrete allows an incredible range of choices for indoor and outdoor use at your house, making it a great selection for almost any home improvement plan. To begin on the right foot, call a local home improvement company or concrete contractor. They will possess the necessary know-how to make any advice you might need over the course of your remodeling project.

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