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Our Services

We pride ourselves on quality, tradition and value. You will never have to wonder where your contractor is with Haphotofromcamera-079rry Lee’s Landscaping. With 25 years experience landscaping and 15 years experience in concrete. You can rest assured your work will be handled with professionalism and excellence.

Our Services include:

Landscaping – installation of shrubs, grass and grading.

Lot cleaning – Removing woods debris for new and existing construction.

Snow Removal – Clean snow from parking lots, streets and driveways.

Backhoe and Dump truck service – Providing equipment for all your outdoor needs.

Tree Removal – We remove those dead, broken or not wanted tress from your yard.

Drainage Service – Let us take care of that wet place in your yard.photofromcamera-0051

Bulkheads and Boathouses – Let us erect that bulkhead, boathouse or boat dock at the waters’ edge.

Gravel and Topsoil – We haul and sell topsoil and all types of driveway gravel.

Concrete – driveway, patio, stamped, stained, decorative, pools.

These just to name a few…